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Awareness trough Photography Bootcamp

  • Daniel R. George Paris France (map)

Awareness trough Photography is a program I developed after I have personally experienced the therapeutic power of art.It all started a few years ago,when, after a traumatic event,I was struggling with depression.It's after a series of failed attempts to suppress the pain,medication,alcohol and all sorts of escapism methods,that I discovered how combining an art medium with the philosophy of mind can help healing and improving your overall life experience.

That is when I realised that the best thing I can do is to teach and share my experience with other people who can further benefit from the knowledge by relating it to their personal experience.


Program content and structure

                 3 days/6-8h a day/groups of maximum 3 persons

             DAY 1 :Workspace meet up - getting to know each other - concept introduction and guidelines - photo walk around Paris

             DAY2:Will be a day totally dedicated to taking images,guided walks around different arrondissements in Paris

             DAY3:Workspace meet up - editing and discussing the images - conclusions and follow-up


                 What to expect from this program?

The program is destined to give you a creative spark and help you find a way to access and understand your self and the world around you.It's about self expression and communication trough a visual arts medium,in this particular case photography.

It is an inner and outer world exploration experience,a possibility to practice photography as a form of meditation. 

     Come with an opened mind or with the will to open it.



                Although the program is designed for people who are interested in photography,it is opened to anyone who has a camera.

Although you will need a camera,there are no requirements regarding the technical aspects of your camera,my advice 'the lighter the better' 

This is not a photography course.I will provide technical advice and guidance if needed but this is mainly about self expression and exploration.

You will need a pair of comfortable walking shoes.

It is design to be an enjoyable experience where you get to explore yourself trough exploring one of the most photographed cities in the world.I will be your guide trough this experience.

Looking forward to see you in Paris,

For questions,booking and additional information use contacts below

                                        +33 6 02 11 96 27        




Later Event: April 13
Awerness trough Photography Bootcamp